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Saturday, May 26th 2012

2:47 AM

Lilly models


Related article: Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 21:02:30 +0000 From: Toby Craddock Subject: The cleaner's boy bought white briefs Part 3I had intended this to be the final part, but I have decided to divide the remainder of David's story into two shorter parts instead. Please read the preface to the 1st part for the background to the story and for nude models wendy the usual important disclaimers.By the end of the second part I had trained David to suck cock, and now he was to be challenged to take my penis into his mouth and suck me off non stop.When the Monday eventually arrived I had had a childmodels porn boring day dealing with the school's accountants and I was really looking forward to David sucking me off. We met in the attic wolf teen model as usual and it was my intention to keep him waiting before beginning our sex session so as to prolong his torment. However, at the allotted hour I decided it was me who couldn't wait so I instructed him to strip immediately to his white briefs. I stripped to a pair of white CK close fitting boxer-briefs with a two button front as I liked us both to be wearing white during these occasions. David knew exactly what to do. He knelt down in front of me, carefully undid the buttons and gently brought out my already stiff penis from the briefs. He started off by tonguing the very tip of my penis before gently running his tongue on the ridge just beneath the head. That made me throb like mad, but it was nothing compared to the feelings I got when he took my penis deep into his mouth and started to suck it.Of course I didn't last long -- maybe only a couple of minutes -- before the first wave of my spunk streaked out from the tip of my penis into his mouth. Earlier that day one of the white briefs club boys ('sexy' Oliver) had been sun bathing in my garden in nothing but his little white slip, and I was just so desperate for sexual release. O my God, what a wonderful feeling it was too! As David sensed more spunk on the way he made an effort to withdraw from me, but it was only half-hearted and he soon took my penis fully back into his mouth. There were two, three, four more waves of my spunk to follow before I sank to my knees, dazed and dizzy. I'm sure he had swallowed some of my spunk, but some glamour models sex of it had escaped onto his lips. David had developed teens supermodels topless into a great cock sucker so, when I had recovered sufficiently, the least I could do mexicans girl nudemodels was to reciprocate.Towards the end of the autumn term David started talking about what he was hoping to get for Christmas presents from his mother and family, so half in joke I asked him what prteen models sites he would like from me. Now I already knew David had no interest in normal school sports such as football, rugger or cricket, but had had considerable success on the running track. Even so his answer surprised me not a little, "I've been thinking about wearing a jockstrap for athletics at school, but don't want to ask my mum for one. Would you get me one?" I agreed straight away. I liked the idea of buying him a jockstrap as I knew for certain he would pose in it for me, but I told him he would have to wait until term started again in January before he got it. I was beginning to formulate the next and final stages of David's training, and I needed to visit some sex shops in London to buy not only his jockstrap but also some special sex aids I had in mind.During the Christmas holidays I spent a couple of days trawling round sex shops in London and ended up buying an anal douche, a beginners butt plug and an initiation dildo kit with 3 dildos. I also bought two jockstraps for David. The first was a normal Trufit strap that I wanted him bollywood sexy models to pose in. I liked it because it had a wide waistband and a single layer mesh pouch - I wanted to avoid the type of strap that had an extra layer to accommodate a protection box. The other strap was a 'suspensory' strap that had a hole in the front to allow the penis to hang free. Unlike the Trufit strap this one had a narrow waistband, but David was not to get into this one for quite a few months yet. During the following few days I put both straps through my washing machine so as to encourage what shrinkage there might be in the material. I wanted them both to be nice and snug for David from the first time he bollywood sexy models wore them, and when he appeared at the beginning of the January term I had the Trufit strap nicely wrapped with a card that said 'To the sexiest boy ever, with love from Jonathan.'In the darkness of the attic with only the dim red glow from a convector heater he stripped naked and pulled up the strap. It was perfect! His erection in he pouch jutted out at 90%, and his bottom looked so inviting with the waistband at the top and the straps at either side. I lost no time in going behind him and rubbing my penis all over his naked bottom -- all the time fondling his stiffness through the mesh of the jockstrap pouch. Quite suddenly David turned round and started to kiss me. A quick peck on my lips first but then -- with his arms around me teens supermodels topless - longer, deeper sustained kisses. I responded enthusiastically-- it was exactly appropriate for the moment. Of course these were not the kisses of lovers, they were the kisses expressing the intense lust we both felt for each other. By this time we weren't able to hold back our spunk any longer. Now many of you will know that the mesh material Trufit use for their pouches is more like a crochet material, and suddenly I felt David's creamy spunk seep through it onto my fingers. At the same time my spunk squirted all over his bottom, but most of it onto his pink anus ring. We repeated jockstrap sex with kisses active learning model once a week all that term, and smelling the build up of David's cum stains on the pouch was a real pleasure I always looked forward to. I think it was half way through the term that I took pity on him and popped the strap into my washing machine for a well deserved wash.Every now and again David told me he had visited the local bus station toilets on a Saturday afternoon while his mum did the weekly shopping. Mostly he went into the cubicles to look at the drawings and stories on the walls. I asked teen models toples him "What sort of drawings are there on the cubicle walls then?" and he replied "Quite a lot showing stiff cocks -- sometimes two rubbing together with spunk squirting out of them. Then there some of cocks being sucked, sometimes with one of the men wearing women's undies." I asked him whether there were any drawings of men fucking together, and he rather shyly told me there were. I was pleased David knew about anal sex, as I was beginning to think more and more about doing it with him. Although I had had girl friends since leaving school and starting at University I now felt it was a slim 14 year old boy I wanted to fuck. I loved it when he kissed me yet I was disturbed about how I felt. The fact of the matter was I was unable to deny that deep down inside me I knew I had to start fucking him sooner or later. David had never seemed to want my fingers probing inside him evie model photos up to now, but during the last week of term I told him that the following term I was going to prepare him for fucking. Somehow I think he knew it was inevitable as he meekly said "Oh, what will I have to do?" I told him I would prepare him gradually over the first part of the summer term with the aim of having our first fuck immediately after the half term holiday in May. Once again I had left him with something to mull over for the next few weeks.(There will be only one more part - I promise!)
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Saturday, May 26th 2012

12:00 AM

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